Providing high quality and accurate work


Color or black and white, standard or over-sized, we handle any collection of originals and deliver high quality copies

Scan / Imaging

  • Creating digital images of hard copy documents for delivery in electronic format
  • Produce – Prepare production set from scanned documents with bates and confidentiality labeling
  • CD/DVD – Deliver searchable pdf versions of scanned hard copy documents in disk
  • Database – Create web based database containing scanned documents for review

Blowbacks / Printing

Print hard copy sets of documents from native documents, pdf files, or directly from a database

Additional Services for hard copy

Document coding

When keyword searching is not enough, turn to document coding to capture useful information from your hard copy documents. We offer both standard bibliographic and custom subjective coding of hard documents at the highest quality

  • Standard fields
  • From (Author)
  • To (Recipient)
  • Copyee/Blind and Copyee (CC/BCC)
  • Document Subject or title
  • Document Type
  • Document Date

Unitization / Logical Document Determination

The process where each image page in a scanned document set is reviewed and the “logical documents breaks” (i.e., each page that starts a new document) is identified. Then, the documents are re-assemble, based on those logical documents break

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) – Allows imaged versions of hard copy documents to be searchable Bates Label – Burn bates numbers on documents
  • Endorsement – Custom document endorsing such as confidentiality designations